New Resident Evil 6 Patch Now Available For PSN Owners

Resident Evil 6 launched yesterday on the PSN, kicking off the Day 1 Digital promo, and many people who downloaded the game and the subsequent launch day patch were greeted with numerous issues. These included access to the stat-tracking website being blocked, problems with the game booting up, and even the inability to play online with people who bought a physical copy of the game.

Well, Capcom has now announced via Twitter that a brand new patch is available for the PSN version of the game that fixes everything, but it takes some work. You’ll have to un-install the game from your PS3, re-download it, and then download the patch.

In lighter Resident Evil 6 news, Capcom says that three pre-order exclusive DLC stages for multiplayer (Rail Yard, The Catacombs, and High Seas Fortress) will be released for free to everyone. As of right now though, they haven’t shown up on the PSN dashboard, but they should be available soon.