Retro City Rampage, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, and Machinarium Are Coming To The PSN Next Week

In the latest episode of the PS Blogcast, a lot of games were revealed to be coming out on the PSN October 9th, with the biggest possibly being Retro City Rampage for both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. It is part of the Cross Buy promotion, meaning that if you buy it on one system, it unlocks for the other system.

The other games announced for the PSN on October 9th were a Vita version of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock which will come complete with exclusive features, Joe Danger 2: The Movie with 10 hours of bonus content and a demo, Spy Hunter, Machinarium, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Worms Revolution, SunFlowers, and even a demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Pricing wasn’t revealed for all of these games, but we do know that Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be $14.99 and SunFlowers will be $3.99.

Stay tuned for the PlayStation Store Preview on Monday for a full list of what you can expect on Tuesday.