Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Developer Video Touts the Capabilities of Vita

Looking forward to actually having something to play on your Vita this October? We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are too, as Assassin’s Creed IIII: Liberation is set to hit store shelves alongside its console-developed counterpart at the end of the month.

To gear up for its launch, Ubisoft has released a new developer video highlighting the impressive content packed into this title. Not only does the game tell the American Revolution through a completely different set of eyes, it also explores a brand-new setting and boasts the massive scope gamers have come to expect from the franchise.

Give the clip a look below.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation launches on October 30th, the very same day as the console version of AC3.

It’s a bit puzzling as to why Ubi didn’t work on getting the handheld version out there a bit earlier, especially considering the fact that most gamers will likely gravitate toward Liberation’s far more ambitious bigger brother on release day.