Check Out Persona 4 Golden’s Features With This New Trailer

When Persona 4 Golden launched in Japan earlier this year, it gave the PlayStation Vita a much needed sales boost, finishing in second place among all systems. The game itself went on to sell 135,000 copies, becoming the highest selling PlayStation Vita game in Japan.

Come November 20th, the 100+ hour RPG will be launching in North America (you can also look forward to the Sony-exclusive PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale that day) and Atlus USA has released a brand new video which showcases the various features found within the game.

If you’d like to read our thoughts on Persona 4 Golden, check out our E3 preview where we say, “The Persona franchise is associated with quality RPG gameplay and Persona 4 fans who’d like visual improvements and extra content in their re-release will be satisfied, so this may be the version to pick up for newcomers and veterans alike.”

Will Persona 4 Golden be getting your money on the 20th, or does PlayStation All-Stars entice you more? Let us know in the comments below.