Smart As Makes You Think On October 30th

As if October 30th wasn’t busy enough for PlayStation Vita owners, brain training game Smart As will be releasing on that crazy Tuesday as well. You’ll be able to grab it in stores or download it from the PSN (around 1.35GB) for $29.99, with a free downloadable demo also available that lets you try out a basic Daily Training Session.

Smart As features 20 different puzzles for you to take on, all focused around Logic, Arithmetic, Language, and Observation. You’ll then be rated on well you do with full online leaderboards, as well as Facebook and Twitter integration. If that isn’t enough for you, it will feature John Cleese’s voice talents, as well as take full advantage of the Vita’s various features such as the front touch screeen, motion sensor, GPS, and m.

Check out the videos to see some different Logic and Arithmetic challenges:

So, as of right now, Vita owners can choose from Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Lego Lord of the Rings, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Smart As on October 30th. Which game(s) will you be picking up?