Borderlands 2 Sells Big in US, Moves 1.82 Million Copies During September

Developer Gearbox Software did incredibly well during the month of September thanks to the release of their loot-heavy first-person shooter Borderlands 2.

Sales in the United States over the past month reached 1.82 million. For those that haven’t been keeping track, that’s a whopping 234% higher than the first month sales of the original Borderlands according to NPD data (via NeoGAF).

We awarded Gearbox’s role-playing shooter the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award because it really is that good. Borderlands 2 brings with it a number of much needed improvements, plenty of humor and loads of awesome weapons. It really is no surprise that this game has done so well.

Have you picked up Borderlands 2 yet? If so, be sure to let the rest of the PlayStation LifeStyle community know what you think of the game in the comments below. And don’t forget, the first batch of DLC is launching next week, so start gearing up for that!