GYROXUS Gaming Chair Rotates With Your Controller

Motion gaming is all the rage nowadays, but you know what the single biggest barrier to entry for most gamers is? The requirement to literally move. But the clever folks at Bigben Interactive have looked far past the ruse that is physical activity, and have unveiled a fresh new motion gaming gimmick you don’t have to stand up to enjoy – enter the ‘GYROXUS Gaming Chair’.

Through groundbreaking state of the art technology, the GYROXUS chair moves, as you tilt the mounted controller to help you “take gaming to a whole new level” The GYROXUS works with any game, and comes as a welcome accessory to mental patients, and stoners who have long expected the world to pivot in unison to their hand movements.

The GYROXUS, unfortunately, only supports up to 240 pounds, which is a shame since it has the potential to usher in a revolution among gamers too hefty to connect with traditional movement based gaming.

Obligatory cynical gamer attitude aside – I want one! Sure, it likely adds nothing to the actual gaming experience, since it gyrates how you want it to, rather than how it should to correspond with the game. But, I’m the sorta guy who enjoys spinning in any chair that will allow it, so the GYROXUS is bound to be entertaining on some level. The question is, are you willing to dish out $350 for one? I (incredibly informally) requested one for review, I do not expect to hear back from them.