The Unfinished Swan Will Be 30% Off For PlayStation Plus Members (Update: No Longer Valid)

Update: The tweet from Sony Santa Monica has been deleted, the 30% off The Unfinished Swan has disappeared from, and the game is a full $14.99 on the PlayStation Store. It looks as though Sony has discontinued this offer.

If you want to contact Sony support, head to this page.

This really just came out of left field. Yesterday, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus deals, with the only mention of The Unfinished Swan being that it is available to PlayStation Plus members a week early.

Today, Sony Santa Monica tweeted that The Unfinished Swan would be 30% off on PlayStation Plus, with a link to that 100% confirms this amazing news. So, if you do have PS+, the price of the game goes from $14.99 to just $10.52.

Since this wasn’t advertised before today, this discount is likely in reaction the amazing reviews the games has been getting through various outlets, including our own.

PSLS’s Daniel Bischoff gave the game an 8.5/10, calling it, “a storybook, more endearing and entertaining than those old picture books. If you’ve got a child, or still know how to get ahold of your inner child, there’s a lot to love.”

Let us know if this sale has convinced you to pick the game up in the comments below. And don’t worry if you don’t have a PS+ membership, you could always win a month of it.