Irrational Games is Teasing Something On Twitter

Usually when Irrational Games takes to Twitter, they have a lot to say, telling us important information about their big upcoming game, BioShock Infinite which will be coming to the PS3 on February 26th, 2013.

Starting just after 8AM PST however, they tweeted this picture with no explanation or warning:

Seems like a piece of puzzle, right? Well, just after 10:30AM PST, they tweeted this picture:

That second picture looks like it could be a piece of a carpet…or something. Perhaps it’s for a collector’s edition?

Just before 1PM, they tweeted this picture:

We’ll keep updating this post throughout the day with any new pictures that Irrational Games decides to tweet and feel free to let us know your predictions about just what this could be in the comments below.