Konami Dev Teases Castlevania Fans With New Image of Lords of Shadow 2

We haven’t heard a peep from Konami on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 since they released that jaw-dropping announcement trailer several months back, but Konami’s David Cox has broken the silence by posting a photo of the game on his Twitter account. Accompanying the shot is a description that reads: “Is it a picture or is it the game??” Give it a look below and decide for yourself.

The Lords of Shadow sequel was first announced back in June, right before E3, and is currently in the works over at Mercurysteam. The first game was developed under the supervision of Hideo Kojima, but it appears the team is ready to fly solo on the sequel.

Judging by the trailer they released several months back, they’re definitely on the right track. Let’s just hope that the gameplay will be able to capture all of the video’s awesomeness when it launches (hopefully) by the end of next year.