Two New God of War Trailers Posted As Part Of The Big Reveal, More Info On The Way Today

A big God of War related announcement was scheduled for today, and now, Sony has released two brand new trailers for the upcoming God of War: Ascension, which will be out on March 12th, 2013.

The first is the Zeus God trailer, which shows off the moves and abilities you can expect when aligning with Zeus in the multiplayer:

The second is the first part of a Behind the Scenes series of videos, which chronicles the development of God of War: Ascension from the very beginning:

As for the multiplayer beta, it is coming to PlayStation Plus this Winter, but if you want to get one week early access, the trailer tells you to go to and join The Rise of the Warrior (there’s nothing referring to that just yet on the site).

Sony Santa Monica has said that these two videos aren’t the only surprises planned for today, so stay tuned for more news at some point in the very near future.