Apparently the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Works With any Game

According to an iWaggle3D reader named Albert Chen, the PlayStation Move racing wheel works for every single PS3 game (instead of just titles specifically optimized to work with it,) and even adds  motion controls to the mix.

How does it work? The Move wheel’s face buttons are already identical to a DualShock 3’s inputs, the potentiometer triggers work as L2/R2, the twist throttle is also R2, and the paddle shifters control L1/R1.

Albert Chen allegedly tested the Move racing wheel with non-supported games, such as: Need For Speed Shift 2, Gran Turismo 5 (compatibility patch coming in the future,) and Sonic The Hedgehog 2, with all-around success. You may expect poor motion controls for games not officially supported, but apparently that isn’t the case. Albert reports that “the virtual steering hands in GT5’s cockpit view are basically 1:1 with wheel” so it seems there could be some real value, in using the wheel in any racing game, whether it’s supported, or not. This is all strictly a rumor, and  based on what one gamer (who almost assuredly owns one via pictures he’s taken) has reported.

I know many of you think the Move’s wheel is a goofy ‘Mii too‘ peripheral, but the video walkthrough by the PlayStation Blog above does a great job at illustrating just why you should pick up this peripheral when it releases. Is anyone out there planning to purchase the $39.99 Move wheel, when it debuts? (Presumably before, or on LittleBigPlanet Karting‘s November 6th release date.)