Evo Polling Gamers on Facebook for 2013 Fighting Game Lineup

The folks running the Evolution Championship Series are polling Facebook users for what games they’d like to see at Evo’s championship next year.

The poll isn’t conclusive, and only helps the Evo staff figure out which games are most wanted by fighting game fans.

Super Smash Bros Melee is currently the top voted game, with newer PlayStation 3 titles like Mortal Kombat (9), Street Fighter X Tekken, and upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ranking surprisingly low on the list.

PlayStation All-Stars developer SuperBot Entertainment, is composed of several key fighting game specialists, including Seth Killian, and the Sony branded brawler is being developed with competition in mind. So, I encourage everyone to lend a hand, since it clearly needs it (Battle Royale is sitting at #17 as of writing).

What games do you want in next year’s Evolution Championship?