PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Big Daddy

Welcome to the next PS All-Stars Battle Royale character bio, presented by the Daily Reaction team of Seb and Dan. Today we look at Big Daddy, his background, which games he has been in, as well as taking a quick look at his character’s move list.

Name: Big Daddy

Origin: While not a single individual, Big Daddies are the brain child of Dr. Yi Suchong. The original doctor who worked under Andrew Ryan, who developed the concept of a Big Daddy as a way to protect the Little Sisters as they gathered ADAM. After Dr. Yi’s death, Dr. Gilbert Alexander took over and created the first set of Big Daddies, known as the Alpha Series. While the Big Daddies have been a source of worry for everyone since their inception, it would only seem befitting as Dr. Alexander genetically altered criminals and political prisoners as test subjects to make the Big Daddies.

Appeared in:  Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Voiced by: Stephen Stanton

Developed by: Irrational Games

Published by: 2K Games

Memorable Quotes:




PS3 move List:

  • Jab –
  • Overhead Polooka – Forward
  • Uppercut – Up
  • Sweeping Fist – Down
  • Aerial Jab – (air)
  • Aerial Jab – Forward (air)
  • Aerial Uppercut – Up (air)
  • Aerial Down Punch – Down (air)

  • Drill Punch –
  • Charging Rush – Forward
  • Drill Skewer – Up
  • Drill Slam – Down
  • Aerial Drill Punch – (air)
  • Aerial Charging Rush – Forward (air)
  • Aerial Drill Skewer – Up (air)
  • Descending Drill Slam – Down (air)

  • Incinerate –
  • Electro Bolt – Forward
  • Cyclone Trap – Up
  • Air Winter Blast – Down
  • Air Incinerate – (air)
  • Air Electro Shock – Forward (air)
  • Air Winter Trap – Up (air)
  • Air Winter Blast – Down (air)

Item Pick-up


  • Drill Forward Eject – Right Analog Stick Forward
  • Drill Up Eject– Right Analog Stick Up
  • Slam – Right Analog Stick Down

Block – 

Evade – + Left Analog Stick

Super Moves

  • Level 1 – Little Sister Gather – 
  • Level 2 – Frenzy –
  • Level 3 – Flood –

Big Daddy will be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Nov. 20th for PS3 and Vita. Each day we’ll be looking at a different character, so be sure to check out our growing cast list.