Hitman: Absolution No Longer Requires an Online Pass to Access Contracts Mode

Square Enix had planned on including an online pass with Hitman: Absolution that gave you access to the Contracts mode found in the game. They’ve since taken out the need for that online pass to use Contracts, making it free for everyone.

Gamers in North America don’t need to do anything to play the mode as it will appear in the main menu right off the bat. Everyone else will either need to enter the code that comes in the game box, or just download it for free from the PSN.

This is definitely great news because in our Hitman: Absolution review, we called Contracts mode “an interesting addition that puts a lot of freedom into a user’s hands and sets Absolution apart from other games that have UGC tools present within them.”

Since this decision was made so late, expect to see an online pass in your copy of Hitman: Absolution tomorrow, so feel free to use it as a coaster, or if you’re feeling original, create a paper airplane and try to set a new world record for distance. The choice is yours.