The ESRB Rates PlayStation All-Stars, Hilarity Ensues

As with all ESRB ratings, we will only post them if they include some sort of important information about the game previously unknown, or if they are funny for absolutely no reason. This one falls under the latter.

I won’t give you much set up, so check out their description below and enjoy:

This is a fighting game in which players engage in hand-to-hand combat against characters from various Sony videogame franchises. Players use swords, energy blasters, fireballs, bazookas, and melee attacks to deplete opponents’ health in dynamically shifting environments; the frenetic battles are accompanied by large explosions as fighters are thrown across the screen or slammed to the ground. In some stages, players can temporarily assume a first-person perspective to fire guns at on-screen characters. One bear-like fighter can perform a flatulence attack to strike opponents, resulting in green gas clouds; another male opponent is dressed in a sumo wrestling–type costume that reveals portions of his buttocks. During one still-frame cutscene, a woman’s posterior is partially exposed. The words “hell” and “bastard” can be heard occasionally in the dialogue.

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