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Ubisoft CEO Believes “We Need New Consoles” to Ignite Innovation

I’m sure we’d all agree that the wait for new consoles is growing increasingly difficult with each passing day, and believe it or not, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot feels the same way.

In an interview with Polygon, the publishing exec lamented the fact that “the transition has been very long,” pointing out that the industry is used to a five year cycle and the Xbox 360 is now going on a full seven years.

The main reason why we need new hardware, according to Guillemot, is that with new tech, we’ll see more innovation as developers and publishers are willing to take more risks at the start of a new console generation. If you ask me, I think he’s just eager to confirm that Watch_Dogs is coming to the PlayStation 4.

We need new consoles and at the end of the cycle generally the market goes down because there are less new IPs, new properties, so that damaged the industry a little bit. I hope next time they will come more often.

Everybody who is taking risks and innovating is welcome because there are lots of hardcore gamers and those guys want new things, where the mass market will be more interested in having the same experience. It’s not aware as much of what is going to change its experience. So, the beginning of the machines is always a good time for innovation.

Are you still content with the PlayStation 3, or does the allure of a new high-powered Sony gaming box have you salivating in anticipation? Let us know in the comments below.