Amazon and GameStop Now Offer an Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus for Dead Space 3

December 3, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

As if the extra First Contact and Witness the Truth bundles you get for free when pre-ordering Dead Space 3 weren’t enough, EA has added a couple more bonuses exclusive to Amazon and GameStop.

You can check out the two different freebies below, with my favorite being the Tesla Enervator:

EG-900 SMG – GameStop

This EarthGov-issued sub machinegun is built for urban warfare. It’s compact but deadly, sporting an internal hyper-accelerator for maximum damage.

Tesla Enervator – Amazon

Sovereign Colonies scientists developed the “Enervator” from an overdriven focus coil to “humanely” eliminate dangerous specimens. The Enervator delivers a precision blast causing instantaneous electrocution and molecular destabilization in the target. In test subjects, death was instantaneous.

Dead Space 3 will be out in North America on February 5th, 2013 and in Europe on February 8th, 2013. Will you be picking up the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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