God of War: Ascension Beta Officially Begins on January 8th for PlayStation Plus Members

Keeping in line with their ‘Winter 2012’ release date for the God of War: Ascension beta, Sony has announced that it will finally begin on January 8th for PlayStation Plus members. If you happened to take part in the Rise of the Warriors and were a Spartan though, your beta actually begins today, with Trojans getting access on December 16th.

The beta will feature Favor of the Gods and Team Favor of the Gods, which are essentially God of War versions of Deathmatch and Team Deatchmatch. In these, you try to reach a certain number of favor points from the Gods by killing enemies, getting brutal kills, opening chests, capturing domination points, or performing executions using the Spear of Olympus.

As for where you’ll be playing, both the ‘Desert of Lost Souls’ (which features the Titan, Polyphemus) and ‘Forum of Hercules’ will be available. Not only that, there will also be a tutorial level where you can try both the Zeus and Ares allegiances, as well as get a sneak peek at the customization.

Check out the brand new beta trailer below and be sure let us know in the comments how excited you are to try the beta.


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