Next Up For “Balancing” in PlayStation All-Stars? Drake, Raiden, and Kratos

If you’ve played any amount of PlayStation All-Star’s ranked FFA mode then you’ve probably noticed a trend – it’s hard to find a single match without a Kratos or a Raiden – despite the game’s 20 character roster. Kratos and Raiden are nearly universally considered “overpowered” so many will be happy to hear that Battle Royale‘s lead game designer Omar Kendall has confirmed in a live chat with DualShockers that SuperBot Entertainment’s current “focus on balance” seems to be: Nathan Drake, Raiden, and Kratos.

Other interesting details emerged as well:

  • Fat Princess is “by far” the least used character (Kratos is most commonly chosen.)
  • Sackboy’s nerf “isn’t sent in stone” and was being developed before PlayStation All-Stars even released.
  • SuperBot is looking into ranked 1v1 matches along with a timer option for the stock and kill limit modes.

How does everyone feel about all of this? I’m thrilled about Raiden, and Kratos potentially being nerfed, and ranked 1v1 matches would be a real nice break from the chaotic action that is FFA, but I’m weary of Nathan Drake being tampered with. What do you feel SuperBot needs to change in order to properly balance PlayStation All-Stars?

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