Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition Listed By Amazon, Coming March 2013

December 14, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

In your ‘huh?’ news of the day, Amazon has posted a listing for the Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition. It currently has a release date of March 5th, 2013 and a price of just $29.99.

To answer the question currently on your mind, no, I don’t know how Sniper Elite V2 could be called Game of the Year. It launched back in May, and while not a terrible game, it isn’t even a nominee on our Game of the Year Awards (being handed out next week).

Odds are the listing will change to Sniper Elite V2: Ultimate Edition or Sniper Elite V2: Complete Edition as March approaches, but for now, we’re stuck calling it the Game of the Year Edition.

The listing itself doesn’t say what it will include, but looking at the DLC available for the game, it will most likely come with the Assassinate the Fuhrer DLC, a weapons packs, and the extra multiplayer DLC on-disc.

Any interest in picking up the Sniper Elite V2: Game of the Year Edition next year? Let us know in the comments below.