Best Sports Game of 2012 Award

Winner: NBA 2K13

Sports games usually are just a rehash of the previous season’s title, with an updated roster and a few new bells and whistles. While MLB: The Show and Madden are great games in their own rights, they didn’t bring too much new this year. With 2k Sports being the only developer to put out an NBA based video game this year, they could have just polished up their NBA 2K12 title but opted instead for a much more rambunctious overhaul.

New modes such as the 2K Shoe Creator, Create a Legend and MyTeam added to the overall replayability of the title, and you’ll probably find yourself playing the game even after the real season ends. Team rosters from the some of the greatest NBA players to ever grace the hardwood are available to use. Names like Michael Jordan, Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson as well as entire teams like the Dream Team of the ’92 Olympics are available.

Runners Up:

  • FIFA 13
  • Madden 13
  • SSX

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