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Target to Match Online Retailers Prices All Year-Round

January 9, 2013Written by Tony Wibowo

During the holiday, Target implemented price-match program with online retailers that resulted in success. Starting today, Target will price-match any online retailers prices such as Amazon, Best Buy and its own website, all year-round.

This news will surely excite many PlayStation 3 fans. As we all know, Amazon is arguably the best destination to purchase games for the lowest price possible, but with the recently-implemented state sale tax and the waiting time for games to arrive at the front door, Amazon forced consumers to think twice before they succumb to impulse purchase.

By launching the online price-match, Target will surely change some consumers’ behavior in terms of buying the latest video games releases. Why pay the same price but have to wait for two or three days for the games to arrive if one can just go to the closest Target and pay the same price and enjoy the games right away?

It is interesting to see whether this online price-match will soon make other brick and mortar retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy adopt the same strategy.

Is this enough to persuade any of you away from buying your games online? Sounds off in the comment section below.