Housemarque, the Developers Behind Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation, are “Quietly Working on a Few New Projects”

You probably know Housemarque from their development on Dead Nation, Outland, or the Stardust series, with the latter seeing its latest iteration at the PS Vita’s launch, and they’ve been somewhat silent since they completed their work on the Angry Birds Trilogy.

Considering just how popular the Stardust games have been across the various Sony platforms, there’s likely more than a few of you wondering just when their next game will hit the market. Well, while they don’t name any names, they did post a little status update on their Facebook page:

Housemarque is quietly working on a few new projects. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal much about them until later this year (will you hear more before the summer? Probably). Release dates are fluid but there is a good chance of something new in 2013. The rest is planned for later release, so we ask you to be patient… and have faith. We are making some really cool stuff, promise!

Responding to someone who asked if they could at least narrow down platforms, Housemarque gave this vague response:

We can’t confirm platforms yet. In a couple of cases we are not 100% sure either, as I said the situation is fluid, and depends on external decisions.

The best thing to take away from this post is that they are working on some new games and we should hear more about them this summer.

What do you hope Housemarque brings out next? A next-gen StardustOutland 2? Dead Nation 2? Let us know in the comments below.