PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: January 26th & 27th, 2013 – Farewell Edition

We were originally going to make the title some sort of Ni no Kuni pun to celebrate the release of the awesome RPG this past week, but with Alex Osborn leaving PlayStation LifeStyle and joining our sister site Game Revolution full-time next week, we decided to make this a ‘Farewell Edition’ of the PSLS PlayList.

Feel free to tell us how much you’ll miss Alex, as well as which games you’ll be playing this weekend, in the comments below.

Alex Osborn – Booty Guard (@a_charlez)

Ever since PlayStation Plus lured me into Darksiders last week, I can’t pull myself away from Vigil’s epic action adventure. The wonderful blend of intense combat and thought-provoking puzzles is right up my alley. It’s just a shame that the future of the franchise is shaky at best following the breakup of THQ. I really hope a worthy studio is able to acquire the rights and deliver a killer third entry that honors Vigil’s artistic vision.

Cameron Teague – Aztec Warrior (@Cameron_PSLS)

On Tuesday Ni no Kuni came out and so I have been spending a majority of my time playing it and working on the (non-imported) review for PSLS (check out the review right here). Just a hint as to which way I am leaning on for the score; the game is a magical adventure of everything good in this world. Even though I am extremely hooked, I will still find some time for League of Legends, which was my obsession before Ni no Kuni took that title cleanly.

Chandler Wood – Chastity (@FinchStrife)

With having just picked up Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch this past Tuesday, I will be diving into that. It’s been far too long since I have played a good, classic feeling JRPG with unique elements all it’s own (and we gave it a perfect score!). I’ll also probably try to get in the second leg of my Dead Space 2 Hard Core Mode run. I managed to get through chapter 4 before making my first save, so now it’s time for another tense, nerve-wracking marathon attempting to make it to a feasible place for my second save. That’s only if I can tear myself away from Ni no Kuni though…

Dan Oravasaari – Kitten Celeste (@FoolsJoker)

Well given the recent news of me quitting my day job, and eventually moving, my weekend will be filled with packing up most of my belongings, and getting rid of as much random stuff as possible. But, since I did just pick up Ni no Kuni on Tuesday, I will be trying to sink as much time into that while I still can, as well as working on the Bad Gamers Podcast, and a super secret project (disregard that last bit…).

Jason Dunning – The Deerhaunter (@Jasonad21)

This weekend will be all about catching up on the many demos that released on Tuesday. I’m planning on starting with Dead Space 3, moving on to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance after that, then finishing it all off with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. If I have any time after that, I’ll probably revisit Burnout Revenge for at least a few races.

Jesse Meikle – Gingerbread Man (@Jesse_WM)

I ended up dismantling my original PlayStation 3 that suffered the YLOD in order to reclaim my copy of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (the innards filled a whole garbage bag!). However, the one crevice of that console I wasn’t able to tear open was, ironically, the Blu-ray drive, which is fastened shut with tiny screws different than any other part of the machine. Instead of going to the hardware store to pick up a screwdriver fit for the job, I figured I’d let the addictive Battle Royale remain sealed….until today. I’m heading to my parents place a couple cities over, and after a week of All-Stars sobriety, I think it’s time to start shredding with Sweet Tooth.

I’d also love to finish up DmC Devil May Cry, my recently purchased copy of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier needs some love, and Alex’s appraisal of Darksiders has my downloaded PS+ version looking awfully tempting.

Louis Edwards – Mister Giggles (@ftwrthtx)

PlayStation Plus has added immensely to my back catalog. With great discounts on Hot Shot Golf: Out of Bounds, Ratchet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter, I’ll be spending way too much time on all three. At least with Hot Shots I can play locally with my family, so sharing is always great.

Sebastian Moss – Badass Cyborg (@SebMoss)

A lot of my time over the weekend will be spent on The Secret Project with Dan, as we slowly draw closer to release. But, in-between that, I plan to have a THQ send-off and play a bunch of the publisher’s greatest titles: Saints Row, Red Faction, WWE, not Homefront.

I’m trying my best to stay away from Ni no Kuni, because I fear that if I play it, I won’t be seen again for 60hrs.

Vivas Kaul – Duckman Drake (@VivasKaul)

This weekend is going to be busy with some class work so gaming will probably have to take a backseat. I was kinda hoping we would have a review code for The Cave so that I could play that and then write-up something for you fine folks. I may buy it at some point but probably not until next week. I’ll probably dive back into Mass Effect now that I’m done with Dishonored, and also some Hitman: Absolution. Oh, and I still have to play the Dead Space 3 demo, which I’m really curious about.

Any guesses on what the Secret Project may be? Let us know below.