The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Announced, Coming to “High-End Platforms” in 2014

Marking the final Witcher game that will be developed by CD Projekt RED, as well as the final chapter in the series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been officially announced. It is currently scheduled for a 2014 release on all high-end platforms, pointing towards the game making its way to PS4.

Adam Badowski, Managing Director at CD Projekt RED, talked about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and how much bigger it is over The Witcher 2:

The captivating and nonlinear story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes place in a rich, truly open world environment. A world which is thrilling to explore, full of daring adventures, momentous quests, memorable characters, and unique monsters. Players will freely travel through woods, lakes, mountains, cities, and villages. Each region is inhabited by distinct populations with their own customs, legends and problems. The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is 30 times bigger than The Witcher 2.

Imagine playing a dark fantasy game with the same great nonlinear story as in the previous Witcher titles, but now told in a world you can explore freely with no artificial boundaries. The war-ravaged world is so huge that to reach further places you will need to ride a horse or sail a boat to get there. A world where your choices have truly epic consequences. From the development side, this goal is extremely demanding. Our team had to make significant design changes and our tech had to be rebuilt. But we believe that this will lead to a completely new level of nonlinearity and a whole new, richer gaming experience. As a gamer, I would love to play this kind of RPG and I think this is what many players are waiting for. This is our dream come true at CD Projekt RED, and we hope it will be the same for you!

He then continued by talking about their decision to make Wild Hunt the last game in The Witcher series:

People may ask if this is really going to be the last Witcher game. Yes, it is. Why? Because we believe that we should end the series on a high note. Technology has progressed to where we can finally tell the story the way we want, with the visuals we want, in the world we imagined. This will be the ultimate fantasy RPG experience, and while we’re hardly out of stories to tell, we believe it’s time for us to look to new worlds and new horizons to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can create.

For all of those who have never experienced the adventures of Geralt before, this will be their last chance. The game will be accessible all players–those who are fans of the series and those who just love RPGs–thanks to availability on all major high-end platforms and an introduction designed to smoothly introduce all those who visit the world of the Witcher for the first time.

Though not mentioned by Badowski, The Witcher 3 will also have “no Quick Time Events, only intuitive RPG gameplay.” While a video showing off that intuitive gameplay has yet to be shared, hopefully this teaser clip will hold you over until we get something:

Are you already setting money aside to get this in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.