Crysis 3 Beta Patch 1.0 Available Now, Beta Enters Final Weekend

Now entering into the final weekend of being available to the public (it officially ends on February 12th), the Crysis 3 beta has just received data patch version 1.0, tweaking a few different aspects of the game.

Check out all the patch 1.0 changes below, with further improvements to game balancing and technical issues planned for Crysis 3 multiplayer shortly:

  • “Marshall” shotgun’s damage tweaked
  • “OGR” machine gun’s recoil reduced
  • Predator Bow’s  charge time reduced (from 1.3s to 1.0s)
  • ADS sensitivity modified to improve weapon handling and aiming
  • “Pinger” vehicle rotation speed increased
  • AY69 submachine gun damage increased
  • “Swarmer” kill streak reward damage increased
  • “Swarmer” kill streak reward damage tweaked

What did you think of the Crysis 3 beta? Will you be playing it this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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