These Uncharted and The Last of Us Valentine’s Cards are Bound to Get Your Day Clicking

To prove that Sebastian does indeed have a heart (and that he isn’t an emotionless robot), he wanted me to post some Valentine’s Day cards to PSLS, giving you some very unique ways to show your true feelings for other people.

As posted by Naughty Dog today on their site today, these Valentine’s (or Drakentine’s) cards feature Nathan, Chloe, and Sully from the Uncharted games, as well as Joel, Ellie, a Clicker, a Runner, and even Bob the Brick from The Last of Us:

Do you think Dan should give one of these to JC? Do you have any PSLS Valentine’s Day cards for us? Will Sebastian have a weird cupid picture on this Thursday’s Daily Reaction? Feel free to fill up the comments section with your answers and predictions.

If these cards aren’t your thing, you can expect some big things from Naughty Dog very soon: