Fearless Stage Available For PlayStation All-Stars Today Alongside Kat and Emmett

If you’re still playing PlayStation All-Stars then you are most likely aware that today is the day that Kat and Emmett were added to the roster, complete with their own solo arcade modes, unlockables, and rivalry. For the next two weeks, you can download these characters for free to be added to your All-Stars roster forever.  Starting on February 26th however, Kat and Emmett will be sold for the price of $4.99 each.

When we asked Seth Killian about the ‘Fearless’ stage on Twitter, he responded stating that the Fearless level is also available today. While the level will appear in ranked online play for everyone, if you want to play the stage solo or in unranked versus matches you’ll need to fork over $1.99. He did not respond to our inquiry about getting the single ‘Fearless’ trophy through the online ranked matches.

Even if you aren’t currently playing PlayStation All-Stars or don’t own it, we recommend jumping online and adding Kat and Emmett to your download list while they are still free. This way you’ll be able to download them if/when you decide to play the game later on. No word was given on trophies for Kat and Emmett, so please email us at [email protected] if you discover any character based trophies or if you are successful at getting the ‘Fearless’ trophy during online ranked play without purchasing the level.

Are you planning on paying $1.99 for ‘Fearless’ and it’s illustrious single silver trophy? Would you like us to write up a trophy guide for this add-on? Is anyone planning on paying for any of the minions? What additional levels and characters do you want to see come to PlayStation All-Stars? Sound off for free in the comments below, but only for the next two weeks.