Sony Releases New Video Teasing February 20th PS4 Event, Details The Evolution of PlayStation

As we so elegantly tweeted earlier today, it’s only 5 days until the big Sony press event on February 20th at 6PM EST, where they will most likely be showing off the PlayStation 4. In an attempt to get us even more excited (I don’t know if Sebastian can take any more), Sony has released a brand new video on their website, titled the Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning, which shows off all the key points about the original PlayStation in just over 2 minutes:

If they continue bringing out a new PlayStation system video every day until the 20th, expect the PlayStation 2 on the 16th, PlayStation Portable on the 17th, PlayStation 3 on the 18th, and then PlayStation Vita on the 19th. And on the 20th?..

Did the video bring back any fond memories for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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