Issues Reported with Patapon 3 Not Being Available for Download on PlayStation Vita

Patapon 3, the very fun PSP title, made its long awaited debut on the PlayStation Vita yesterday, giving fans of the series the chance to finally play it on Sony’s newest handheld. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a smooth launch as people are reporting that when they go to download their previously purchased copies of Patapon 3, they are told that it isn’t able to be downloaded on PlayStation Vita.

The ever busy Morgan Haro created a brand new post on the PlayStation forums (click this link to head over there and subscribe for updates) for this issue, where he said that he will update the post with any progress regarding the matter.

Is this a problem you’ve been experiencing? Or did your already owned copy of Patapon 3 download just fine to your PS Vita? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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