Possible Battlefield 4 Announcement at GDC Teased

March 8, 2013Written by Vivas Kaul

It’s no secret that Battlefield 4 is on the horizon. The Battlefield 4 beta was given out as a pre-order bonus to Medal of Honor: Warfighter early adopters before DICE announced it would be opened up to a wider audience. This week also saw the release of the last DLC expansion, titled ‘End Game’, for Battlefield 3.

So it comes as no surprise that EA would want to make sure that BF4 remains a prominent fixture as the time for GDC draws closer. Today PSLS was sent a save the date card for an EA event which, judging by the artwork and coloring on the card, seems to hint at an official reveal for Battlefield 4 during GDC.

The invite, which was also reported on by IGN and is shown above, features the prominent background art and color palette that has become synonymous with the Battlefield franchise, and states that the press event will take place in a movie theater. Given the recent announcement of the PS4, it seems highly likely that this will be an event for EA to officially announce the game, especially because they said they would reveal some games before E3.

Whether the game will be current gen, multigeneration (our bet), or next gen remains to be seen, but you can be certain that PSLS will be there on March 26th to give you all the details from EA’s event as well as the rest of GDC.

GDC is scheduled to run from March 25th-29th in San Francisco.