The Last of Us Demo Inside God of War: Ascension Now Expected on May 31st

Yesterday, inside one of our many God of War: Ascension posts, we let you know that The Last of Us demo included with every copy of the game was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, April 17th.

Unfortunately, the timer for The Last of Us demo has been changed, and now says that we’ll have to wait until Friday, May 31st to finally get our hands on it. While this delay isn’t great, something to note is that the piece of paper advertising The Last of Us inside God of War: Ascension shows off the old May 7th date, so the demo was likely pushed back to reflect the new June 14th release day. The demo is technically on the GOW disc, but a countdown timer stops you playing it until Sony lets you.

What are your thoughts on waiting until May 31st for The Last of Us demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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