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Munitio SV Mobile Performance Earphones Review

March 10, 2013Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation Vita, or even the PSP, are multimedia devices. On top of gaming, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies, even listen to your favorite tunes. But let’s face it, the average gamer cares about the graphics, but skimps on the sound. With Munitio SV earphones, you can get sound that matches the PlayStation Vita’s stunning graphics and have a look, style, and feel of quality just like it. But, at a whopping $129.99, are they worth it?

Since we’re a PlayStation site, our review will focus on how the Munitio SV earphones can benefit the PlayStation Vita or PSP owner, but we should mention that we also tested these earphones while gaming on an iPad and iPhone, and they work just as good, if not better. Better because they, like the standard Apple Earpods, feature a button for hands-free calling, or track skipping if using it for music, and a built-in microphone. The mic also is worth taking note of for the PlayStation Vita, because this means you can use these headphones for in-game voice chat.

While the sounds of voices works well and fine, the real selling point of the Munitio SV earphones is the clear audio for mobile gaming. There’s just enough sound isolation to block out surrounding noise and focus on the action. Bullet spray is punchy, but crisp enough to hear the lightest of footsteps approaching. Both sound infinitely better than the PlayStation Vita’s built-in speakers.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself using the PlayStation Vita more often for music, as these earphones sound stunning. The bass is deep and powerful, with minimal distortion even with the volume dial at maximum. Highs and mids are also clear without being overly bright. Since low frequencies are the star here, the SVs are particularly well suited for hip-hop, dubstep, or even dance music.

I use my PlayStation Vita at home more than on the go, and yet I find myself constantly shifting my position because my hands go numb and tingly. I’ve already gone through two pairs of headphones in the one year the Vita has been on the market due to me inadvertently tearing the earbuds from my ears, eventually fraying the wires or breaking the solder seal and essentially ruining the headphones. With the Munitio SVs, you don’t have to worry about that as the cords are flat and built right into the earbud itself.

They’re sleek-looking, too. The “aircraft-grade aluminum” housing is a nice touch, giving these and edgy and solid look and feel. This style is called hollow points to fit in with the rest of Munitio’s line that appears more like bullet casings, but I just don’t see it. That’s not a bad thing, and if anything I prefer this look – it’s classier and cooler, and they fit well with my PlayStation Vita. Now, if only I could get these to work with my PS3, I’d be all set.

If you have the money, they are worth if for the quality, but at the cost of half a Vita, they are clearly not for everyone.