3G PlayStation Vita Price Dropped to $199.97 at Certain Sony Stores

March 12, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Sony hasn’t made any mention of the fact that the 3G enabled version of the PlayStation Vita is being discontinued and cleared out, but certain Sony Stores across the United States have dropped the price to just $199.97, $100 off the regular price.

Usually in retail, a price point ending in .97 signifies that the item has gone clearance, possibly leading to the fact that Sony has decided to discontinue the 3G PlayStation Vita. This notion is slightly backed up by an employee at a Sony Store in Denver that Joystiq called, who “surmised this was a permanent price drop due to a discontinuation of the model and said there was no time frame on the sale in his system, which means Sony can end the sale whenever.” It was also reported that stores in New Jersey and Las Vegas said the system was discontinued, while a Seattle store said that the sale ends on Sunday. Also, the 3G version is pointless.

Since the website currently has the 3G Vita at $249.99, if you decide you want one, you’ll have to call your local store ahead of time to make sure they still have stock for that price, then head down there to get it. When you buy one, you’ll then find an 8GB memory card in addition to the system, as well as a free PSN game, as long as you sign up for data.

We’ve reached out to Sony for clarification on a possible discontinuation of the PlayStation Vita and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

Are you going to buy this PS Vita at $200? Are you surprised at this price drop? Let us know in the comments below.

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