Nun Attack Review (PS Vita)

Something that the PlayStation Vita has sorely been missing is a game about four nuns who team up to take down another evil nun. Thanks to Frima Studio, this is now a reality.

How Much Is It?

$2.99 in North America on the PlayStation Vita Store, Nun Attack is out next month in Europe.

What’s the Story?

Mortanna is an evil nun, four nuns team up to stop her. Pretty basic stuff here.

What Do You Do?

Nun Attack is essentially a game of two parts. The first section has you entering into a level, drawing a line for the nuns to walk to, avoiding projectiles along the way. This part is very boring and gets to be old quite fast.

The second part places you into a small arena, having your nuns shoot out constantly appearing skeletons, vampires, werewolves, and little annoying things that can burn, freeze or damage you. This is the highlight of Nun Attack, but the same control of having to draw a line for your nuns to attack the enemies is still prevalent.

This means that you always have to touch a nun (it sounds dirtier than it actually is), slide your finger across the screen, and land your finger on another enemy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work perfectly, and you’ll find yourself not being able to select a nun properly when things get too hectic, and when a nun isn’t given something to do, they’ll just stand there doing nothing, unless an enemy gets right up in her face.

So, I quickly introduced a strategy of just randomly swiping my finger on the screen without paying attention and that actually worked out quite well for me in more than a few of the levels.

How Does it Look?

Even though there’s very little going on in the battles, the graphics are very crisp and clean, with very bright colors to look at. And while this has nothing to do with visuals, the load times are only one or two seconds, meaning you jump into each level very quickly.

How Long Is It?

Beating all the levels necessary to get to Mortanna in the 40th and final one took me just under 4 hours, with that time also including me acquiring every one of the trophies.

Is It Difficult?

In the beginning, yes. I had to replay some older levels to level up my nuns and their guns to be powerful enough to finish the first World. Once that was over and the amount of nuns was increased to 3 (you get all 4 after beating the second World), I usually only died during boss fights. And if that happens, you can use a Miracle to bring them back to life, provided you have enough money.

Is It Fun?

At times, yes. The first part of the levels 100% isn’t fun in any way, but when you get into the battles, the enjoyment does appear when you start shooting down the enemies, but overall, Nun Attack‘s gameplay isn’t special and it becomes repetitive before too long.

To get the most fun, I’d recommend playing the game in short bursts of one or two levels at a time, because any prolonged playing of this game does become boring.

Is It Worth The Money and Should You Buy It?

Even though I didn’t think Nun Attack was good, it is only $3 and you receive roughly four hours of playtime. If you want a game like this where you’ll boot it up for just a few minutes each day, I’d say it is worth the money and you should buy it.

Just keep in mind that other minute-waster PSN titles like Jetpack Joyride, which is free right now, and the $3.99 SunFlowers, are better and should be considered before Nun Attack.

  • Short load times
  • Nice visuals
  • 40 levels
  • Gameplay is somewhat basic and becomes repetitive quickly