Nun Attack Trophy Guide (PS Vita)

March 26, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Packing only 9 Bronze and 6 Silver trophies, with most of them unlocked just through normal playing, getting 100% completion in Nun Attack isn’t a difficult task. But if you are having some difficulties, our trophy guide will help you out.

Wooden Cross -Bronze

Defeat 100 Skeletons

Just defeat 100 skeletons. This only took me 6 levels.

Miraculous – Bronze

Use 50 Miracles

Using Miracles on a regular basis will have you getting this pretty quickly.

Godly Powers -Bronze

Obtain all Miracles

Just open up all the chest in the first three worlds and then beat the World 3 boss to get them all.

Deflector -Bronze

Deflect 100 Projectiles

Very easy, just deflect 100 of the projectiles that are shot from the portals. I got it on level 15 just through regular playing.

Back From Beyond -Bronze

Bring a Nun Back to Life

Open up the chest in the eighth level of World 1 to gain the Resurrection Miracle, wait for a nun to die in battle, use that Miracle.

Shiny! -Bronze

Open a Special Chest

Open the chest in the fourth mission of the game.

Lock n’ Load! -Bronze

Upgrade a Nun’s Weapon to its Full Potential

Very straightforward, just spend enough money to get a weapon to level 4.

World Peace -Bronze

Obtain a 3-Bullet Rating in 20 Missions

Just kill all the enemies and destroy all the portals in 20 of the 40 Missions.

Ready to Rock! -Bronze

Gather Your Full Squad

Complete the third Mission in World 1.

Seasoned Sister – Silver

Reach Level 15 With a Nun

Just play through the game normally and this will likely happen sometime in World 3.

Midas Touch -Silver

Gather 1,000,000 Coins

Since you don’t have to have 1,000,000 coins all at once, and you just need to accumulate it along the way, you’ll get this some time late in World 4 by picking up coins dropped by enemies and opening up chests.

War Decorations -Silver

Defeat Sergeant Baz

Clear World 1

The Curse is Lifted – Silver

Defeat Ripfang the Savage

Clear World 2

Lord of the Night -Silver

Defeat Count Viktor

Clear World 3

Banished From Heaven -Silver

Defeat Mortanna, Sister of Flames

Clear World 4

How long did it take you to 100% Nun Attack? Let us know in the comments below.