PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: March 30th & 31st, 2013 – Infinite Edition

March 29, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

We all know that BioShock Infinite came out on Tuesday to major critical acclaim, with equally impressive sales likely to follow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone on the PSLS staff is going to be playing it this weekend:

Cameron Teague – Legit (@Cameron_PSLS)

I believe everyone’s playlist should look the same, with the main game being BioShock Infinite. Yes, the setting isn’t as good as the original and the lack of Big Daddys/Splicers kind of sucks, but this is still a legit GOTY contender. Outside of that, the normal League of Legends, Ni no Kuni (I swear I am going to finish soon), and Initial D: Extreme Stage.

Chandler Wood – Relaxing (@FinchStrife)

Well, I finished BioShock Infinite for our review, so I’m going to be taking a break from that. It’s been a really weird week for me and I’ve had a monster of a headache, so I am going to be kicking back and relaxing this weekend and potentially taking a break from games to watch some movies or TV shows on Netflix (or still sealed Blu-rays), which is something I have not done in months. If I do play games this week, it’s going to be something chill and low key to avoid needing to purchase stock in Excedrin. The less flashing, seizure-inducing lights, the better.

Dan Oravasaari – GDC’s You (@FoolsJoker)

Having been at GDC13 all week I didn’t have a chance to play BioShock Infinite, so as soon as I get home I will probably download that off of the PSN store.

Jason Dunning – Lord of the God of War (@Jasonad21)

I’m finally going to finish the God of War: Ascension single player this weekend and then jump into the multiplayer and see how I fare against people who will be much more skilled than I. If time allows, I might even pop in Lego Lord of the Rings to see how good it is.

Jesse Meikle – Setting Fire to the Sky (@Jesse_WM)

I’ll be working all weekend and won’t get much console gaming done, however, I will be playing my Vita on breaks. I’m nearly finished the campaign/platinum for Resistance: Burning Skies, and I’m looking forward to jumping into my first Disgaea with the PS+ gifted Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.

Sebastian Moss – Unplugged (@SebMoss)

My power is going to be down for a week – no games, no internet, no PSLS. Me sad.

Vivas Kaul – Devilish (@VivasKaul)

What am I going to play this weekend? I don’t want to say. It could be anything. It’s a mystery….and definitely not Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel, assuming it arrives today….which guarantees nothing. Nope not that at all!

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.