Sony Applies for ‘Destiny of Spirits’ Trademark

On March 26th, Sony Computer Entertainment of America filed an application to trademark the title Destiny of Spirits. The trademark would cover anything that falls under “Computer game software; Electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; Video game software”, hinting that this could be a PlayStation Vita title. However, just because it says handheld doesn’t mean the PS3, or even better, the PS4, should be ruled out.

Even still, just because a trademark has been filed doesn’t necessarily mean that a game with this title will ever be announced or make it to retail. Plenty of titles are cancelled during production and never see the light of day, and companies as large as Sony often trademark names or file patents—as made evident by our resident super patent sleuth, Sebastian Moss—that are never turned into sellable products.

Destiny of Spirits has a Linger in Shadows ring to it, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it is indeed a PlayStation Vita title, because the system’s release line-up is looking barren.