March 2013 Game of the Month: BioShock Infinite

There were quite a few good games released in the month of March – Naruto, God of War: Ascension, MLB 13: The Show, Tomb Raider, Switch Galaxy, Runner2, Dead or Alive 5+, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – but there’s really no question as to just what the Game of the Month was. Nabbing a 10/10 from Chandler, BioShock Infinite is the highest scoring game on PlayStation LifeStyle so far in 2013, and will be a huge contender for Game of the Year when December rolls around.

If you aren’t yet convinced that you should buy Irrational Games’  latest epic, maybe a few choice quotes from Chandler’s review will give you the final push:

“The first thing that you will notice are the visuals. The floating city of Columbia is a pleasure to look at and the overall look and feel of the environments are designed beautifully, and will evoke feelings of playing the original BioShock and first entering Rapture—though much less confined.”

“If you enjoyed how combat felt in BioShock, then Infinite will maintain that feeling for the duration of your playthrough, as the Vigors work almost identically to Plasmids with a few tweaks here and there to make the experience feel fresh.”

“The game takes a much sharper focus on the main characters’ personalities, development and emotional ties, rather than using a silent character and having the story be in the world and environment. This plays out extremely well and gives us one of the best game finales this generation, if not of all time. People will be talking about this one for a long time to come.”

“BioShock Infinite is honestly as near perfect as a game can get and should not be missed.”

What was your March 2013 Game of the Month? What do you think will get the April 2013 Game of the Month crown? Let us know in the comments below.