PS4 Version of Thief to Compete with Gaming PCs

Sony’s next-gen PC hardware is already showing that it can go toe-to-toe with gaming PCs. Now even PC exclusives are no match for the PS4’s enveloping storm.

Eidos Montreal Producer Stéphane Roy explained to VideoGamer that the PS4 version of Thief will compete graphically with gaming PCs. He said:

But for a visual aspect – especially for a game like Thief – it’s not a question of pushing more polygons, [or] now I can have 200 enemies at the same time and not just 100 enemies. So on our side, it’s more a question of gameplay, the movement, stuff like that. I think with the next-gen, yeah visually speaking, with the high-end PC and next-gen it’s going to be really, really close, honestly.

A representative from Square Enix went as far as to say the PS4 version is “almost identical” to its PC brother, a prospect that would signal the end of the series’ PC-exclusive notoriety.

When it comes to processing hundreds of units on-screen, not even great optimization can overcome incapable hardware. The PS4 has significantly increased processing power over its predecessors allowing it to offer experiences that are not only more visually stimulating, but larger in scope as well. The PS3 has dabbled with large-scale games (i.e. MAG and Dust 514) in the past, but graphical fidelity was compromised greatly to make it possible. Meanwhile, PCs have PlanetSide 2, a game that delivers epic battles with no tradeoffs, but even its exclusivity is in question now that Sony has an upcoming console capable of running it.

The PS4 won’t have to make compromises to deliver photo-realistic games. The framerate doesn’t have to be dropped to sub-30 like Killzone, and 1080p televisions will finally get their long-awaited use. While gamers will reap the benefits of new hardware, it’s the creative developers out there that are most excited. They can finally realize their vision and deliver it to more than just the PC crowd. It’s quite a feat by Sony when you consider one SKU will be sold that’s capable of playing anything on the market. The only question left is how much it’ll cost.