Dark Souls 2 Producer: “Right now There’s no Intent to Have Dark Souls on Next-Gen”

If you couldn’t tell from the gameplay video yesterday, the trailer that was officially released today confirmed that Dark Souls 2 is arriving on the PlayStation 3, and not the PlayStation 4.

Speaking to CVG, Yui Tanimura, Producer on Dark Souls 2, revealed that “discussions of next-gen did actually come up briefly. But if we were to develop for next-gen we wouldn’t be able to deliver the game for a lot longer. We wanted to deliver something to fans as soon as possible.”

He then continued:

We still feel there’s potential and ability for us to express a little bit more than what we did with Dark Souls, even on current-gen consoles. We hope to elaborate on what we were able to communicate with Dark Souls.

We understand that next-gen is coming, it’d be a lie to say we didn’t consider it at all, but right now there’s no intent to have Dark Souls on next-gen.

Underneath the hood for Dark Souls 2 is a brand new engine, which is said to “remedy that drop in frame rate Dark Souls would suffer. For this title we’re hoping players don’t have to worry about that sort of issue, the new engine should help to solve that.”

On the subject of death, which you’ll experience a lot, Tanimura added that “one thing we do focus on is that no matter the kind of deaths they experience, players should understand the reason they died. Killing players is easy, you can just make an enemy strong or use surprise attacks, but it’s important to allow the player to learn about their deaths. That is a fine balance, but we always keep in mind that it isn’t unfair, we make sure to add a reason to each of the situations in the game.”

There’s still no release window for Dark Souls 2, but whenever Namco lets one loose, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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