PSLSSA: $10 PSN Credit from the March 2013 Promo Expected in Your Inbox Tomorrow, April 12th (Update 3)

Update: Morgan Haro tweeted “waiting on the rewards from last month’s Get $10 for every $50 promo? If you don’t see anything by tomorrow, drop me a note.” So, if you don’t get any money back that you were expecting, head over here.

Update 2: The PlayStation account tweeted “got rewards on the way from the Get $10 for every $50 spent promo? They should be coming no later than 11pm PST tonight via XMB.”

Update 3: Still haven’t received your credit? There should be another update today over on this page.

Most of you will remember that Sony held a promotion during the month of March in North America where if you spent $50 (or $49.99) on the PlayStation Network, you’d be given a $10 credit. Since it was a stackable offer, it meant that every $50 taken out of your PSN wallet would result in $10, with no limits.

Well, pending any last minute changes, you’ll be receiving your credit tomorrow, April 12th. No specific time frame during the day was narrowed down, meaning that you should keep a watchful eye on your email account and PSN message inbox during the whole day to see if it pops up.

If, for any reason, Sony delays the credit, we’ll be sure to let you know, but if you notice that it has appeared in your inbox, please snap a pic and send it to, then we’ll update this story.

Are you expecting to get some money back tomorrow? How much? And what will you spend it on? Let us know in the comments below.

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