Guacamelee! Trophy Guide

Some PSN titles don’t have a Platinum, Guacamelee! thankfully includes one, as well as a host of other trophies for you to unlock, with most being quite easy, though there are a couple that will test you.

*Be Warned: Story Spoilers Ahead

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Guacamelee! Platinum Trophy – Platinum

– Your luchador mask is in the mail

Follow this guide

Why All the Long Faces- Bronze

– Enter the World of the Dead

Story event, first trophy you’ll unlock

Viva La Resurreccion- Bronze

– Become a Luchador

Story event, second trophy you’ll unlock

A Hero is Born – Bronze

– Save Pueblucho

Story event, third trophy you’ll unlock

All Cooped Up – Bronze

– Complete the Chicken Herding Quest

After saving everyone in the church and getting the ‘A Hero is Born’ trophy, talk to the man outside of the church, go to the yellow house underneath the church, and get all the chickens in the pen in the right of the house. Best strategy is to just punch away until the ‘Triangle’ prompt appears, then toss them closer to the pen.

Want us to Untie You? – Bronze

– Talk to a Goat

Story event

My First Power Move – Bronze

– Destroy a Block using Uppercut

Story event, just destroy the first red block you see after getting the Rooster Uppercut.

Flawless – Bronze

– Defeat an Arena Without Taking Any Damage

When you come to one of those enclosed areas and enemies appear, just defeat them all without taking any damage.

We Built this City on Guac and Roll – Bronze

– Discover Santa Luchita

Story event

Big Hearted – Bronze

– Complete a Full Heart Upgrade

Collect 3 health chunks (you can buy them in the store or find them in chests).

Nap Time’s Over – Bronze

– Wake up an Alebrije

I unlocked this in the Temple of Rain, just by breaking a red block next to the sleeping Alebrije.

Thick Headed – Bronze

– Destroy a Block Using Headbutt

Story event, you get it after breaking a Choozo statue in the Temple of Rain.

Endurance – Bronze

– Complete a Full Stamina Upgrade

Similar to the Big Hearted trophy, just find 3 stamina chunks either by buying them or finding chest.

Giant Killer – Bronze

– Defeat 3 Giant Skeletons

Just kill 3 of those giant skeletons you see starting in the Temple of Rain.

That’s One Big Gato Frito – Bronze

– Kill the Alebrije

Story event, unlocks after putting the Alebrije in the lava at the Temple of Rain

Nooks and Crannies – Bronze

– Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area

Not very difficult, just search every nook and cranny for all the items in a given area and you’ll get the trophy. I unlocked this in the Temple of Rain.

Belly Flop – Bronze

– Destroy a Block Using Slam

Story event, just break a block after unlocking Frog Slam in the bar in Santa Luchita

I Swat You – Bronze

– Defeat a Chupacanra Using Only Slam

After unlocking Frog Slam, head to the desert, and use the slam to kill one of the flying enemies you see at the entrance. Took me five hits to kill one.

Boomerang – Bronze

– Defeat an Enemy With Its Own Projectile

After you use the Frog Slam to enter the desert, you’ll be attacked by cacti. Just hit triangle at the right time to throw their projectile back at them.

Cock of the Walk – Bronze

– Defeat an Enemy as a Chicken

After you’re turned into a Chicken in the desert, you’ll eventually find yourself in an arena with the tiny, annoying jumping enemies. Just kill one of them.

Wheeee – Bronze

– Teleport Through an Olmec Head

Just activate two of the giant stone teleporters you come across and then use one to teleport to another.

Combo Nerd – Bronze

– Achieve a 150 Hit Combo

I just backed one of those rhino/armadillo enemies (who had a shield) into a wall and kept doing a 3 punch combo with square for about 1 minute, Trophy unlocked.

X’tabay-Bye – Bronze

– Redeem X’tabay

Story event, unlocks after defeating her and watching the scene.

Shopaholic – Bronze

– Spend $10,000 in the Store

Straightforward. Just spend $10,000 in the store.

Pow – Bronze

– Destroy a Block Using Dash Punch

Story event. After unlocking the Dashing Derpderp in the Temple of War, use it on the nearby blue block.

Snuffed Out – Bronze

– Defeat Flame Face

Story event, unlocks after you beat him in the Temple of War

Green Thumb – Bronze

– Uproot 20 plant enemies

After unlocking Frog Slam, use it on 20 of the enemies who shoot up from the ground.

I AM ERROR – Bronze

– Complete the I AM ERROR Quest

After gaining the ability to switch worlds freely, go to the house in Santa Luchita with Super Siesta written on it. Go to the lower level first, stand by the skeleton picture (switch worlds if you don’t see it), then switch worlds again and talk to ERROR. Then go upstairs and talk to the woman.

Rocketman – Bronze

– Soar Through the Air for 12 Seconds Using ‘Goat Fly’

In Sierra Morena, after the part where you use goat fly and then have to switch dimensions multiple times to avoid statues, you’ll see Javier walk away. Before going after him, go back the way you came using Goat Fly.

I couldn’t confirm this since I already unlocked the trophy, but you use Goat Fly in the final level for what seems like more than 12 seconds, meaning that the trophy should unlock there as well.

Licking His Wounds – Bronze

– Defeat Jaguar Javier

Story event, just beat the rather difficult boss fight (hint: dodge a lot).

That’s Using Your Head – Bronze

– Headbutt an enemy off a Cliff

Just get an enemy somewhere near a cliff and hit circle.

Stop Squirming – Bronze

– Defeat an Alux Using Only Headbutt

An Alux is one of those tiny enemies who jump around a lot. Just hit Circle when you’re close to one until it dies.

Got to Catch Them All – Bronze

– Find an Orb

Unlocks naturally after beating the game.

Reunited – Bronze

– Complete the Missing Doll Quest

After getting the ability to swap dimensions at will, head to Pueblucho, enter the house with the Happy Hongo sign, then switch dimensions to grab the doll.

Music to my Ears – Bronze

– Complete the Mariachi Band Quest

After getting the Dashing Derpderp and talking to the quest giver near the top of Santa Luchita, head to the house at the bottom of Santa Luchita, enter it, and use the move on the blue blocks to reveal a missing member.

Delicious – Bronze

– Complete the World’s Greatest Enchilada Quest

Get ready for some walking around.

Talk to the old woman in Santa Luchita in the house labeled “Isabela’s Kitchen.” She’ll ask you to get cheese for an enchilada, meaning that you have to talk to a man near the Mine Forever building at the lowest level of Santa Luchita to get it. Bring the cheese to her, then when you have to get beans, talk to the woman carrying something on her head just underneath and to the left of Isbela’s Kitchen and take them back to the old woman.

Now you have to get some chile, which is located in the Dead world, and you can find them by talking to a man you’ll see when crossing the stairwell. Switch worlds, take the chile back to the woman, and for the tortillas, talk to the woman in pink just below the “Super Siesta” building. Take the tortillas back for your trophy.

Catch the Rainbow! – Bronze

– Connect With all Six Special Attacks Without Touching the Ground

Easiest thing to do is to attempt this in Combo Chicken’s Gym. It will take some time, but know that you are allowed to touch the walls, just not the ground.

Gumshoe – Bronze

– Complete the Chicken Thief Quest

After activating the quest in Santa Luchita, head to the house in Santa Luchita right before the exit to the forest. You’ll see a chicken in there and a mini game will activate. Finish it (it was 1st, 3rd, 1st for me) and the trophy is yours.

Poncho’d Out – Bronze

– Complete the Combo Chicken Quest (Defeat Poncho Forever)

After getting the Dashing Derpderp, head to Combo’s Chicken Gym in Santa Luchita and complete all the combo challenges until you kill Poncho.

They Hit Really Hard – Bronze

– Defeat 5 Arenas in Hard Mode

Just play the game on Hard and you’ll unlock this naturally.

Boom-Shack-Calaca – Silver

– Defeat Calaca

Story event, just beat the final boss

Lore Master – Silver

– Complete All Side Quests

Just complete all the side quests. This trophy will unlock naturally once you collect all the side quest themed trophies.

Cleaned Out – Silver

– Buy All the Items in the Shop

Straightforward. Just earn enough money to buy everything in the shop.

The Never Ending Combo – Silver

– Achieve a 300 Hit Combo

I just backed one of those armadillo enemies (who had a shield) into a wall and kept doing a 3 punch combo with square for about 2 minutes, Trophy unlocked.

Up Close and Personal – Silver

– Defeat Calaca Using Only Melee Attacks

Exactly as it sounds, just defeat Calaca only by using your melee attacks.

That Was Hard Mode? – Gold

– Defeat the Game on Hard Mode

Beat the game on Hard Mode (good luck!)

Who Put These Here??? – Gold

– Collect Every Chest in the Game

Search every area high and low to unlock this one.

Hidden Trophy – El Savior (Gold)

– Access the Alternate Ending

Since I didn’t know what this trophy was at the time, and I collected the orbs on my own without marking them down, here’s a description of how to unlock this rather difficult trophy, courtesy of PS3Trophies:

Orb 1- This orb is found in Juan’s home where you start out at in the very beginning of the game. You must have the headbutt and ability to turn into a chicken unlocked. Walk into his house and headbutt the yellow block. Go through that space and you will come to an area with some hunched over dude warning you about a maze up ahead. The maze is quite large and it requires a little bit of time to traverse to. Most diverging paths will have a dead end right away and won’t make you travel aimlessly forever. When you have completed the maze you will find a portal to some odd place. Simply walk to the right and you will get the first orb.

Orb 2- This one can be found at the top of the Tree of Life through a secret way up. Go through the entire tree until you eventually fall straight down on the left. You will see a blue block covering up an entrance right above you. Break the block by using your wall glide. Jump up where the wall was blocking and run up the wall to the very top of the tree. You will reach an area called the Branches. This is where is gets hard. You must get through difficult platforming stages to make it to the very top. Most will take probably around 10-20 tries to complete. When you reach the top you will find a sarcastic chicken and a portal. Go through the portal and you will find the next orb.

Orb 3- This orb is found in an area called the Caverna del Pollo. This can be reached by going to the very bottom right of Santa Luchita. In this place you must make your way through three challenges. Each challenge has ten waves of enemies. None of them are too hard if you are going for this after you have beaten the game. When you beat the third challenge you will drop down onto a cliff with a portal. Go through it to find yet another orb.

Orb 4- The next one can be found in the Sierra Mountains. This one is a little hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. Towards the beginning you will come to an area with cacti throwing things at you. Go over to the wall on the left and wall glide to the right out of that mountain. If you did it correctly you should fly straight to a platform with a portal on it. Go through the portal and get the next orb.

Orb 5- This next one will require a lot of speed. Go to the Forest del Chivo and find the skull switch underneath a hill to the upper right of the area. Hit the switch and then exit to the left. Climb up the mountain that you were just under and glide off the higher step to the left. You will hit a block with spikes ontop of it. If you did it fast enough you will fall down into an area with dozens of chickens and another portal. Go through the portal to find the orb.

Orb 6- This orb will automatically be obtained after beating the final boss.

If you have any alternate and easier ways to unlock any of these trophies, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to [email protected].