PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: April 20th & 21st, 2013 – Ready? Fight! Edition

Yes, Injustice: Gods Among Us did release this past Tuesday, but it’s actually being glossed over by everybody this weekend in favor of other games like Dragon Fantasy: Book I and BioShock Infinite.

Here’s what everyone is playing over the next two days:

Chandler Wood – Clogged Backlog (@FinchStrife)

I was hoping to have something to review, but it’s looking like it’s another backlog weekend for me. Filming Morning Wood last night reminded me that I need to play more XCOM: Enemy Unknown so I might put some time into that. I’m also at the tail end of getting my platinum on Darksiders II, so I’ll more than likely be pushing forward to finally get there.

My sense of time is radically distorted so I always feel like I’ll have time to play more than I actually do, but on the off chance that my distorted version of how time works actually happens, I’ll either be starting Far Cry 3 or finally losing myself in Ni no Kuni.

Dan Oravasaari – An Infinitely Bad Gamer (@FoolsJoker)

Besides the usual Bad Gamers stuff I do every weekend, I will be putting some more time into Defiance and BioShock Infinite.

Jason Dunning – Bookdragon (@Jasonad21)

To hopefully get my review up early next week, I’ll be focusing solely on Dragon Fantasy: Book I. I’ve heard that it’s a 10 – 20 hour game, so we’ll see if I can get through it in one weekend.

Jesse Meikle – Battling a Bad Fur Day (@Jesse_WM)

I’m going to be busy with company over the weekend. Fortunately, that company includes my younger brother, so we’ll be hitting up all of our favorite co-op/multiplayer games. Some highlights include Uncharted 3, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Live and Reloaded, and Cards Against Humanity. A friend is coming over the following day, and I suspect we’ll be diving into some PlayStation Move titles again, such as my beloved Tumble.

Louis Edwards – Little Man on a Big Planet (@ftwrthtx)

I’ll be spending some time playing a game I can not mention with some developers from a company that I shouldn’t mention since it would tell you what game I am playing. Let’s just say it comes out Tuesday and leave it at that. Oh, and I’ll also be playing some more MLB 13: The Show. Gotta have my baseball fix.

Sebastian Moss – Dan-gerous (@FoolsJoker)

More BioShock of course. Then maybe some Dan Was Alone (a mod I created for Thomas Was Alone to reenact his life).

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.