Terraria PS3 Patch Approved by SCEA, Expect it Within the Next 24 Hours

Rather than putting this on their Facebook page or website, 505 Games took to Reddit to announce that the newest patch for Terraria has been approved by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), with it being made available for download in the next 24 hours.

Check out the full list of key fixes below:

  • Improved network stability that should resolve several multiplayer issues where players would not be able to connect or would encounter other issues such as crashes and the game not functioning properly during multiplayer.
  • Time of day is now saved when exiting a game.
  • Fixed Magic Missile crash/kick issue.
  • Fixed that a local world could sometimes be overwritten by another player’s online world.
  • Fix for clay pot placement issue.
  • Fix for Vilethorn thorn glitch.
  • Improved controls when in a shop user interface.
  • Improved hellforge positioning.
  • Tweaked analog stick dead zones.
  • Fixed crash when quitting the game with inventory on screen.
  • And many more!

505 did also mention that they’re continuing to work on other issues, which will be addressed in future updates.

What do you think of the patch? Does it fix any problems you may have been having? Let us know in the comments below.