Watch Dogs on PlayStation 3 Includes 60 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay (Update: PS4 Version as Well)

Update: Ubisoft confirmed to Eurogamer that the 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay is also headed to the PlayStation 4. On both the PS3 and PS4, you’ll be able to download the extra content after the game’s launch.

Original Story: Something that was missed amongst all the hoopla surrounding the release date reveal of Watch Dogs earlier today, and the possibilities of it pointing towards the PS4’s launch, was the fact that the box art says it includes 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay.

Originally spotted by Videogamer, we zoomed in on the PlayStation 3 box art for Watch Dogs from one of the special editions and placed it as clearly as we could below:


This, of course, opens up the question of whether or not we’ll see the exclusive content on PlayStation 4 as well, so we’ve reached out to Ubisoft for any sort of information. If Watch Dogs copies Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag though, expect the PS4 to get the extra content.

Are you excited that the PS3 gets exclusive bonus gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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