High Moon Studios Working on an “Unannounced Next-Gen, Multi-Platform AAA Title,” Suggests Employee LinkedIn Page

Even some layoffs can’t stop High Moon Studios from making games it seems, as the LinkedIn page for Martin Ecker, Principal Programmer at High Moon, listed that he was “currently working on an unannounced next-gen, multi-platform AAA title.”


Naturally, the text about that project has since been removed, but the damage is done and it leads us to wondering just what they’re working on.

With Deadpool launching in late June, it probably isn’t a sequel to that since they haven’t seen if it’s a hit or not, so we’re going to make a guess that it’s the next game in their Transformers series. Michael Bay’s next movie in the uber popular movie franchise is slated to hit in summer 2014, meaning that it could be a video game tie-in, or they’re just working on the next Transformers, ignoring any sort of release date restrictions.

We’ll be sure to let you know when High Moon Studios announces their next project, but until then, feel free to leave your wildest guesses as to what it might be in the comments below.