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PS4: inFamous Second Son’s Delsin Rowe Can Absorb Other Conduits’ Powers, Throw Smoke Projectiles; More Game Details

Earlier today, inFamous: Second Son was revealed as the cover for Game Informer’s June 2013 issue. Thanks to the digital version appearing online (and GE for compiling the details), we now know quite a bit more about the game that takes place 7 years after we last saw Cole MacGrath.

Starting with the story, the Department of Unified Protection (DUP), is a new area of government created to track the conduits (people with powers), who are now labelled as bioterrorists. Following the crash of a transport vehicle in Seattle that causes many conduits escape, the DUP sets up roadblocks in the city and won’t allow anyone to enter or leave.

Switching over to 24 year old Delsin Rowe, the main character in Second Son, he discovers during the transport crash that he is a conduit himself, learning that he has the ability to control smoke soon after, something he’s excited about. His powers don’t just stop at smoke though, as he can also absorb other conduits’ powers and more.

Now onto the most important of inFamous: Second Son – the gameplay. In what seems to be similar to Cole, Delsin can throw a smoke projectile and smoking fireballs, there will be a move similar to the Thunder Drop when he drops from a high area, Delsin has a chain available for attacking, there’s a smoke dash similar to what Nightcrawler can do, a smoke cloud to immobilize enemies, the option to switch between different sets of powers, and you can refill your smoke from chimneys, destroyed cars, and tear gas canisters.

Since the developers at Sucker Punch want to simplify the controls from inFamous 2, the touchpad on the DualShock 4 can be used to free conduits from their cells, or by pressing both of your thumbs down, you can absorb smoke.

As for the DUP, Delsin is able to take down various DUP bases around in Seattle, fighting the guards along the way who act like SWAT teams, but some also seem to have powers of their own. If you don’t want to attack head-on, there’s also the option of destroying security systems, which is more effective. It also seems that at a certain point, you’ll be given the option to kill an officer or not.

Focusing just on the free-roaming aspect of Second Son, there’s air ducts all around Seattle that you can use to get around, with Delsin also being able to climb them like Cole. And unlike previous inFamous titles where water marked most of the borders in the game, forests will be handling those duties this time around.

With E3 2013 just over a month away, expect to be hearing much more about inFamous: Second Son and other PS4 titles soon.

After reading all these details, are you excited for Second Son? Let us know in the comments below.