Defiance DLC ‘Enter the Castithan’ Detailed and En Route

Unlike other companies who release DLC, the developers at Trion Worlds have decided to do things a bit differently for their console based Persistent Shooter, Defiance. With every release, each DLC pack will have exclusive premium content for those willing to throw some cash the developer’s way, as well as giving everyone in the game a bundle of free content to keep things interesting for everyone else.

Today, the Executive Producer for Defiance, Nathan Richardsson, has listed what will be coming in the first DLC pack, tentatively called Enter the Castithian, which is “en route”.


(or imagine flashy name that evoke deep emotions)

You get this when you buy the DLC for $10:

– Access to play the Castithan Species

– Access to a new Story Mission Line with new Battle Arena Game Mode

– Access to the new Castithan Battle Arenas

– Castithan Charge Blade & Ceremonial Mask as a reward from Story Mission Line

– A unique version of the Raptor, a new 4 player truck of doom

– A unique Castithan version of an outfit

– A Charge Weapons Starter Pack

– Access to New Pursuits

– New Xbox and PS3 Trophies and Achievements

You get this in the DLC for free:

– Access to the new Charge Weapons Class and Castithan Blades

– Access to Sieges, a new Open World Game Mode

– Access to the new Monolith Major Arkfall

– Access to a new PvP Map – Military Academy

– Join a friend into the Battle Arenas Game Mode

– Duel your friends and neighbors in the Duels Game Mode

– Enemies, lockboxes, and events can drop Charge Weapons

– Select a new voice for you character

– Multitude of game improvements from UI to content

You can buy these individually from the store:

– New Mods that tint the color of your Castithan Blade

– Lockboxes have a chance to get Charge Weapons

– More versions of the Raptor, the new 4 player truck of doomed compensation

– Character Customization changes: Appearance change, name change, or everything change

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